Now providing patients with care, safety and dignity is much easier with the Invacare Compact Birdie Patient Hoist, this unit allows for easy patient lifting and handling with intuitive and sensitive controls that alleviate potential strains and injury when patients need lifting or moving in confined spaces. This robust hoist will easily lift right up to 150kg and although a little smaller than the Birdie Folding Electric Hoist, which lifts up to 170kg, this hoist is both extremely well built and will give superb performance even in high frequency daily demand requirements. For standard lifting requirements, i.e. when lifting from the patients’ bed to chair, or for other requirements, including floor lifting the boom arm is extremely strong and allows for highly accurate lifting with a 360° range of movement, that allows for comfort for the user, as well as the operator. When the Invacare Compact Birdie Patient Hoist needs to be moved, it folds to a compact footprint so transporting the unit is easy and not requiring any major dismantling or additional tools. With health and safety high on the agenda in the professional care environment, this hoist performs superbly on all levels. The innovative hoist design reduces the risk of injury as the patient’s knees are not close to the actuator, rotation is also easy with the high boom arm and ergonomic design.


  • Allows for easy and safe lifting, with great comfort
  • Simple operation, reduces risk of strain or injury
  • Foldable, portable, moves with ease
  • Robustly manufactured for daily intensive use
  • Rotate the patient 360° with ease and comfort
  • Up to 40 full lifts between battery charges
  • Suitable right up to 150KG users
  • Comes with full manufacturer’s warranty


  • Max. overall length (base): 1000mm (39½")
  • Max. spreader bar Height: 1585mm (62½")
  • Min. spreader bar Height: 515mm (20½")
  • Internal Width, legs open: 890mm (35")
  • External Width, Legs closed: 530mm (20")
  • Turning Circle: 1070mm (42")
  • Ground Clearance: 100mm (4")
  • Max User Weight: 150kg (23½st)
  • Total weight 36Kg
Product Code: FUR1209
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